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Senior Healthcare Service Department

Senior Healthcare Service (SHS) Department provides senior healthcare services tailored to different the life stages that are trusted by customers and their family.

Through partnership with the world leading medical centers and nursing facilities (nursing home, sanitarium, convalescent hospital, etc.) in Korea and abroad, we strive to support and manage for maintaining a luxurious and comfortable daily routine with the optimal treatment and rehabilitation after severe disease such as old-age, disability and dementia.

[Step I: Health promotion management]

Health promotion management service by the specialized of famous hospitals in Korea [Exclusive Care Manager] Global MSO (Medical Second Opinion) and concierge services for overseas treatment through world leading medical centers [Global Healthcare Service] Support for the homecare room, compositions (care beds, furnitures, accessories, etc.) and interior for the elderly with dementia and disability.

[Step II: Health intensive care when hospitalized such as dementia]

Concierge of the best domestic and foreign nursing hospitals and nursing facilities (Previously agreed with the customer on hospital and facility levels).
Rehabilitation and medical service close management through our exclusive care manager.
Support for well-dying (death with dignity) before and after the end of the period and funeral service at the time of death.

Japan is the oldest country in the world, become a super-aged society on 2005. 35 million people over 65 years old occupied 28 percent of the population in 2017.

The Japanese are concerned that by 2025 when the postwar generation, the Dankai generation, enters the late 75th year old stage, medical care issues may give rise to a problem the level of national disaster (Appearance of neologism such as nursing refugee, scramble for admission, etc.).

Korea is aging faster than Japan. In order to help many senior citizens to live a healthy and well-being, Aracare is carrying out the Senior Health Care Program with obvious purpose and vocation.

Comparison of Aging in Korea and Japan

Section Aging rate Status of elderly people Medical expenditure Convalescence Patient Dementia Patient
Aging aged Super -aged Total population 65↑ 80↑
Japan 1970s
126 million 35
406 trillion won
(41.3 trilion yen)
6.43 million 54.0 million
Korea 2000s
51 million 7
65 trillion won 0.59 million 0.72 million
Gap 30yrs 23yrs 21yrs 75million 28 9 341 trillion won 5.84 million 4.68 million
Comparison 2.5x 5.0x 7.3x 6.3x 10.9x 7.5x

Business Agreement
with NOBANA (Japan)

Business Agreement
with Bobath Memorial Hospital (Korea)

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