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Home & Nursing Care Department

Home & Nursing Care Department (H&NC) aims to provide ideal environment for senior care including nursing homes, hospitals,
and senior residentials. With advancement of medical technologies, people live longer than ever, but it also means longer years with disability for
many. Necessary care must be designed and provided for seniors to age well and to improve quality of life.

Amongst all, we believe that quality bed should be the priority to both elderlies and care givers, the reason why we have partnered with a leading
nursing bed maker, Wissner-bosserhoff (Wi-bo) to transform the home & nursing care environment and philosophy in Korea.

H&NC will continue in our efforts to introduce best home and nursing care products
and to raise standards of living for elderly population of 7.4 million (’18) in Korea.

Our Partners

The wissner-bosserhoff group and the Linet group have been closely linked for more than twenty years now. The companies are managed
by LINET Group SE, based in the Netherlands. Operational activity is conducted in more than 100 countries with over 1,300 employees at two
productions sites, in Germany and the Czech Republic, as well as sales offices in Europe and the U.S. In the fiscal year 2015/2016,
LINET Group SE made a gross turn-over of approx. 230 million euros and, with approx. 90,000 high-quality nursing home and hospital beds,
is Europe’s leading provider.

Home & Nursing Care
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