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Ophthalmic Business Brief

Aracare, found in 2010., is a unique ophthalmic devices, pharmaceuticals and equipment distributor in Korea.

We identify innovative technologies and surgical solutions from the world renowned ophthalmic products manufacturers, and make them available in Korea.

We have established long-term partnerships as well as professional relationships with Korean ophthalmologists, government regulatory and reimbursement agency by offering high-quality, innovative and proven products including many clinical research paper developments.

Currently we promote products at strong market leadership in the sub-specialty areas of cataract surgery, retina diseases and dry eye therapy with dedicated over 15 professional sales reps covering nationwide including well established sub-distribution network system.

Aracare Ophthalmic Business Team(OBT) consists of industry experts, optometrists, pharmacists, nurses and sales network to ensure that we are not merely selling products but connecting medical experience seamlessly from manufacturers to clinics/hospitals to patients.

Aracare is firmly convinced of the importance of local research as well. To support the research, we cooperate with prestigious clinics and universities to create new innovative solution in every field concerning its products

Our Partners

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