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Global Healthcare Service Department

Global Healthcare Service (GHS) Department strives to provide comprehensive healthcare service that covers prevention, treatment, and after-care.
As a start, we have partnered with Mediguide to provide world-class medical second opinion service to patients, insurers, and corporates in Korea.

GHS leadership board has over 30 years of experiences leading global pharmaceutical, healthcare service, and insurance companies.
Our approach is to collaborate with healthcare industry leaders to design ‘Total Healthcare Management’ membership program so that our
members can enjoy life without concerns over any health-related issues.

Our Partners

Mediguide International
MediGuide International, LLC (formerly known as MediGuide America) has been operating since 1999. MediGuide is a Delaware, U.S.A. based
company that is dedicated to delivering the highest quality Medical Second Opinions to its Members.

MediGuide has established itself as a world leader in the Medical Second Opinion field by recruiting a seasoned clinical team that is focused on the
highest quality outcomes for our Members. MediGuide has developed a diverse client base in all major markets globally.

Mediguide currently have an active membership base with millions of Members in +40 countries and jurisdictions, on 4 continents.

Global Healthcare Service
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